Hand made Lute like instruments based on the look and philosophy of the Gibson style D Mandolin.

Ukulele, Mandolin, Mandola, Octave Mandolin, Greek and Irish Bouzouki, Mandocello, Mandobass, Tenor Guitar, Guitar, Wood Banjo.

Construction for steel strings as well as nylon, Nylgut, or Aquila Red is available for most models.

Workshop landline 573-815-9714 mcmurrymt@gmail.com For more about me visit https://mauricemcmurry.wixsite.com/mysite

Mandocello, It is loud, The tone is growley and haunting , The sustain is impressive , The intonation is very near prfect.

The K & K twin spot pickup is particularly well suited for its tonal range. It is available to be viewed and played in Columbia MO (facemask required, mild weather prefered).

Mellowtone Nylgut 4 string Mandolin (mandolele)

Available to view and play in Columbia, MO

Coming soon, eight string version for Aquila Red strings.

Vintage Mid Missouri Mandolin Co Nylgut 4 String Conversion Sold

Wood Top Banjo played by Ethan Froese

It is strung with a plain .017 drone, .046w, .040w, .032w, .026w and tuned in A.

A3, E2, A2. C#3, E3.

construction for for standard banjo tuning, Octave banjo tuning, Irish tuning and Seeger Long Neck is available

Standard Banjo tuning