I build two or three instruments a year, mostly over the winter months. Currently working on a Mandocello after which I plan to focus on the Octave Mandolin and Wood Top Banjo. I hope they will have a value in the one to two thousand dollar range.




Rustic Maple and Ebony Octave Mandolin, Sold on reverb for $1100, Awaiting feed back

 Hybrid Banjo, Humbucker neck pickup,and proprietary electro-magnetic bridge pickup, the potentiometers (knobs)) are volume, tone, and blend. It has standard Banjo tuning and scale length. This is an unproven prototype. The idea is a banjo that can hang in a rock band. Un- amplified it is un-impressive, plugged in it has some potential. It is not too prone to feed-back. With some dampening,feedback could be reduced even more. It responds well to effects. It is currently out on loan. I  hope to have it back in the shop and post a demo soon.     $700.00 + shipping with homemade wood box case 

1936 Harmony Cremona, Restored, with new hard case $700.00 It is currently on the bench being converted back to right hand.