• maurice mcmurry

Octave Mandolin

Updated: Jun 27

I am very slowly "tooling up" to build big mandolins and wood top banjos. These have a 13 3/4 wide, 14 3/4 long, 3 inch deep body and will fit a standard banjo case.

The construction and bracing are adjusted to accommodate the specific strings and tensions for each instrument.

I plan for them to have top and back binding, a proprietary dovetail spline neck joint, tapered heel with a delicate heel cap, and satin lacquer.

I am not a player and am handicapped by close encounters with wood working machinery and arthritis. I can stumble through a song or two left handed. This big mandolin sounds fantastic. Audio & Video coming soon (hopefully)

Due to the Pandemic the only audio I have is a very low fi over the phone recording by Rob Lampe