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The Drying Rack

Updated: Sep 23

Irish Bouzouki, Mandola, Electric Mandolin Neck

Mellowtone Cello Banjo Gloss Lacquer

Mid Mo project...

Vintage Mid Missouri Mandolin Company Nylon Four String Conversion

1999 or so MO model. This mandolin came back to the factory for repairs after having been sat upon. Rather than repair it Mr. Dulak sent the gentleman a new one free of charge. Later it was hastily repaired and strung with nylon strings at the request of another customer.

It was not impressive as it was still braced for eight steel strings. She did not follow through. I saved it from being discarded.

I have changed the braces and some other things and will use a classic style tie on bridge and am hoping for better results.

Update, I am very pleased with the results here is a sound sample address.