1936 Harmony":Cremona" arch-top. It was severely folded up and twisted. I completely disassembled it,, steam straightened the parts, did some slimming down of the top, re-assembled, re-finished, added an adjustable truss rod and new fret board etc. It is still a bit twisted but plays and sounds real nice It is louder than average.


 My late Mother in law`s ( Joanne Paige Kee 1938-1984) dime store Harmony "Stella".A gift from Ralph Kee, and my first guitar when I was 29.

 Originally It had a laminated top and back, Ladder bracing and a tailpiece  with a floating bridge,  It was loosing its shape and becoming unplayable.

I did what I thought was right at the time and gave it a new spruce top, X bracing, and maple back . I later played a small role in the repair of a Franklin copy of Leadbelly's 12 string guitar and wish I had kept the ladder bracing.