When I was a toddler I began to be interested in carpentry. The family was living in a tent near Iowa City. Dad was building us a house. My job was to gather up any tools that were lying around and carry them off to the woods and drop them. I soon learned to drive nails and promoted my self to official builder of rocket ships and rafts.These were constructed by nailing together any stacks of lumber that were laying around with as many nails as time allowed.

 Dad soon found ways to apply my talents. I spent much of my youth helping him in his cabinet shop and with his building of spec houses and custom homes. I learned about wiring and plumbing from grand dad and worked in the trades in Boston and New Hampshire during the 1980`s. In 1987 I returned to the Midwest with Doreen and two of our three children. I continued to be self employed.

 In 1998 I started to do construction projects for the Mid Missouri Mandolin Company

and remodeling projects for its staff.  I was also tasked with developing and building the octave mandolin and electric mandolin. 

 In 2005 the Franklin Guitar Company moved part its operations to an adjoining workspace and I started an apprenticeship there.